Spa & Wellness

Relaxation comes after exertion and this is possible at our luxury spa resort. You can also just enjoy a wonderfully relaxing day in our beautiful swimming pool, the many saunas, our hammam, the assortment of showers, the whirlpool and under our sunbeds. Our members have unlimited access to the Spa & Wellness area.

At Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort it is also possible to enjoy our Spa & Wellness and / or our beauty treatments for a day without membership.


At Caesar Spa & Wellness you can use no less than six different saunas, an assortment of showers, the whirlpool, the hammam and the relaxation area. In the large Kelosauna ritual infusions are provided several times a day.

The swimming pool

The Mauritskade swimming and bathing facility is the oldest swimming pool in The Hague. Built in 1883, it was also the first indoor swimming pool in the Netherlands. When Caesar Fitness & Spa Resort was built, there was a strong desire to restore the entire pool. However, it soon became clear that the building was too dilapidated to allow for a complete restoration.

Fortunately, this did not end the Mauritskade pool. It was decided to reconstruct instead of renovate. When the new complex opened in 2013, the new, reconstructed swimming pool also saw the light of day. The pool has been rebuilt in the original style and many original features that were preserved during demolition were recreated using the most modern techniques.

Our Aqua Gym classes are given in this special swimming pool, but you can of course also just relax and swim a few laps.

Feel Good

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    Hammam is an oriental bathing ritual that originated in the time of the prophet Mohammed. Hammam massages follow a very old technique and tradition. Hammam literally means: a warm place where water flows in abundance. You experience the water, scrub ritual, and soaping on a warm marble slab. After a hammam treatment, the skin glows and feels significantly softer. A visit to our hammam is pure pleasure for the body and soul.


    Vitamin D sunbeds

    The ultimate way for the body to absorb vitamin D in a relaxed way.
    Vitamin D is essential for your health. Now it is also possible to absorb Vitamin D at Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort while relaxing under one of our two Vitamin D sunbeds! We have two Luxura Sunbeds, one for lighter skin and another, stronger, sunbed for already tanned skin. Please make an appointment in advance at our reception.


    Normal Vitamin D sunbed

    9 min for € 6,-
    12 min for € 8,-
    15 min for € 10,-
    18 min for € 12,-
    21 min for € 14,-

    Strong Vitamin D sunbed

    9 min for €7.50
    12 min for € 10,-
    15 min for € 12.50
    18 min for € 15,-
    21 min for € 17.50

    Ask our beauty staff for advice on, among other things, the duration and the necessary skin care.