Get your body in motion while your mind comes to a standstill.

Take a moment for yourself and feel how the balance in your body restores itself. Enjoy the tranquility while you learn to listen to your body more closely. Gain more strength and flexibility and go through life with more vitality.


Our Body & Mind classes will not only make you more relaxed, but also more knowledgeable. Every class offers the opportunity to get to know your body better from different perspectives.

Get to know more about the mechanisms in your body, explore the extents of your capacities and learn more about the different styles of yoga.

Rest and Space

Our Body & Mind Studio is a safe space to return to, whenever you need to restore and uphold your balance. The spaciousness and tranquility allows you to turn inwards and really listen to your body.

Step into our peaceful surroundings and form a stronger bond with yourself during our Body & Mind classes.

Group classes

In our Body & Mind studio we offer a wide selection of group classes, ranging from gentle to more intensive. All our classes have your individual interest at the center of attention. Your breathing always serves as an anchor to stay grounded in your body. And after every class, we’ll do a cooling-down with a relaxing practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is considered to be the most athletic yoga style. Every movement is coordinated by your breathing while you change positions.

The class is aimed at building endurance, strength, flexibility, and the correct application of your breathing.

Vinyasa Yoga is ideal for those who want to practice yoga in a more dynamic way.

Ashtanga Led

Ashtanga Yoga consists of a fixed series of standing and sitting poses, performed in harmony with your breathing.

Eventually this turns into a meditation in motion, which requires a lot of concentration.

Your body becomes powerful, supple, and you burn calories.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most classic and famous form of yoga.

You’ll hold the poses for a longer amount of time, which allows you to get to know your body better and improve the poses.

Hatha Yoga is the ideal class to better understand the basics of yoga.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga combines two yoga styles in one lesson.

The advantages of passively holding yoga postures (Yin) with a more dynamic series and standing postures (Yang) are combined.

Core & Glutes

Core & Glutes Yoga is an energetic yoga class that will have you breaking a sweat.

This musical class consists of cardio, Pilates and Barre.

You’ll develop a more toned upper and lower body through these exercises.


Iyengar Yoga is a meticulous form of yoga with the aim to improve your posture with precision.

The poses are generally held for a longer period of time, so you can refine your posture in more detail. This form of yoga is exceptionally suited for those who want to work on their back or neck complaints. It’s a more technical and therapeutic form of yoga.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a relaxed and gentle form of yoga, because you let gravity do most of the work.

You are mostly seated or lying down in poses from 2-4 minutes, supported by different props (blankets, blocks, etc).

Through conscious breathing and longer held poses, the body is invited to heal itself and keep your connective tissue healthy.


Breathing is a class that helps to relieve stress and improve sleep. We practice with relaxation techniques to calm your nervous system down.

You’ll learn how to use your breathing in a more functional manner and how to use the full potential of your lungs.

Conscious breathing contributes to the quality of your everyday activities. This makes Breathing a class that everyone can benefit from.

Stretching & Breathing

Relax and calm your nervous system through breathing exercises and gentle Yin stretches.

Stretching & Breathing grants you the ideal reset during the day.

Afterwards you’ll be able to resume your daily activities with a fresh start.


Pilates is a strength promoting class. The emphasis is on slow and focused movements to create lean and strong muscles with a clear focus on the abdomen and back muscles.

You’ll effectively improve your posture, flexibility, and learn to prevent injuries.

Rest & Reset

The soothing calmness that will come over your mind and body after joining a Rest & Reset class, will feel like a solace. This yoga class allows you to reach a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.

Your body will be in a healing mode similar to the deep sleep stage. This is due to the comparable brainwaves that get activated.

Slow & Gentle Flow

Slow down your pace with Slow & Gentle Flow. During this yoga class we focus on deliberate movements and mild stretches.

With breathing and mindfulness techniques we’ll reduce stress and connect with our body.

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