Body & Mind

In our Body & Mind Studio we offer a range of yoga lessons. Choose a moment of rest and relaxation by finding the balance between body and mind. The Body & Mind Studio takes you to a place of tranquillity where you can discover inner peace. This way you can focus completely on yourself, without having to do anything else. The different yoga classes vary from gentle to more intensive yoga forms. In addition, there are classes where you can work in a mild way to strengthen your body, such as Body Balance and Pilates.


The word “yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means “connection.” It is about the connection between body and mind0 In the modern world, the balance between body and mind is often disturbed. Yoga offers us exercises that restore balance. It makes the body and mind alive and flexible. Yoga teaches you to listen to your own body. We offer a wide choice of different yoga forms.


Breathing is a lesson that helps relieve stress and anxiety and improve relaxation and sleep. Good breathing also contributes to your daily and sports activities. You will learn how to use your breathing in a more functional way and use the full potential of your lungs. The lesson includes relaxation techniques and uses active meditation. The lesson is suitable for everyone.

Feel Good

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    During Pilates, the emphasis is on slow and focused movements to create lean and strong muscles with a clear focus on the abdomen and back. During the lesson you will work in a gentle but effective way to improve posture, flexibility and prevent injuries. Pilates is for everyone, for all levels of physical fitness and for all ages.



    Bodybalance™ is a Body & Mind class consisting of a mix of movements from traditional yoga, tai chi and pilates. The lesson focuses on improving posture, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. This lesson is very suitable for people who like a more intensive form of a Body & Mind lesson. With the different options that the instructor provides, the lesson can be adapted to your own training needs.