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Rediscover your peace.

Enter a space where your peace of mind is the center of attention. Let the warmth of our sauna’s help you to relax, swim laps in our centuries old swimming pool, and feel how your body releases the built up tension in our whirlpool. Discover a world of recovery and regeneration. 


Swimming pool

Our centuries old swimming pool is the heart of our building, due to its rich history.

The pool was built in 1883, which makes it the oldest swimming pool in The Hague and the first indoor swimming pool in The Netherlands.

Swim in a piece of history by doing laps or joining our Aqua Fitness group classes.


Release your built up tension in our warm whirlpool.

Dream away in between the bubbels and escape the turmoil that can be daily life.

Especially after working out, the whirlpool can be very effective to help soothe muscle aches and joint pains.

Saunas & Steam Bath

Enjoy our wide array of saunas and reap the plenitude of health benefits.

You’ll get a unique experience every time, due to the exceptional characteristics of each of our saunas.

They differ in temperatures, materials, and relaxing scents, which contribute to many health benefits.



The Löyly is a traditional infusion ritual. A generous amount of water with essential oils is poured on the sauna stove.

The hot scented vapors get dispersed throughout the room by a sauna employee.

These hot and humidified air flows give your body a heavy and warm sensation for immense relaxation.

The Löyly always takes place at the Kelo Sauna. During weekdays it’s held at 12:15 and 20:15 and on weekends at 12:15 and 16:15.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Sauna
Enter the Himalayan Salt Crystal Sauna and feel the soothing oriental atmosphere. By heating the Nepalese salt crystals, minerals are released that purify the air. Himalayan salt crystals have a detoxifying effect on your entire body. The temperature in the sauna is 65 degrees Celsius.
Infrared Sauna
Infrared works into the deeper layers of your body. Due to this depth, it has a positive effect on muscle aches and rheumatic ailments. The temperature of the Infrared Sauna is 50 degrees Celsius
Kelo sauna
The Kelo Sauna is made out of pine wood. This releases a pleasant fragrance that also clears your airways. The traditional Finnish Löyly, a pouring ritual, also takes place in this sauna. The temperature in the Kelo Sauna is 85 degrees Celsius.
Steam Bath
The Steam Bath is one of the oldest traditions of natural bathing. The warm steam and essential oils have a beneficial effect on your airways. The humidity increases the body temperature, which stimulates your blood circulation. The temperature in the Steam Bath lies between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius.
Herbal Sauna
The Herbal Sauna is a wonderfully scented sauna made with red cedar wood. Steam generates the aroma of lavender, mint or rosemary. The herbs have a pleasant scent that are also healing for your body. The temperature in the Herbal Sauna is 70 degrees Celsius.
Finnish Sauna
When people think of a sauna, they’re most likely thinking of a Finnish Sauna. This sauna mainly serves to cleanse the body and relax muscles. The high temperature leads to perspiration, which improves blood circulation in the skin. The temperature of the Finnish Sauna is 95 to 100 degrees Celsius.
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Beauty Treatments

Pamper yourself with our nourishing Beauty Treatments. Our massages help your muscles to relax and alleviate sores. With different techniques, aromas, and instruments, our massages cater to your individual needs.

You can also enjoy vitamin D tanning beds, to keep up a healthy level of vitamin D all throughout the year. To book a Beauty Treatment, call +31 70 82 09 910. +31 70 82 09 910.

Relaxation Massage

This is a half body relaxation massage to stimulate and activate the muscles by promoting blood circulation resulting in a relaxed feeling.

This form of massage works great for “problems” such as stuck muscles, pain in the neck and back and knots.

Consequently this massage gives you a relaxing feeling and stimulates energy renewal.


Sports Massage

A sports massage is a firm massage which, for example, loosens connective tissue and removes knots from your muscles. This requires a deep massage into the muscles.

Sports massages are also used preventively for injuries. If you suffer from an injury, a sports massage ensures faster recovery.



A special oriental cleansing ritual with a water ritual, full body exfoliation and finally a wonderful olive soap massage.

At the end of the ritual, your hair is washed and you receive a head massage.


Lymph Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system supports the immune system by clearing out toxins, removing excessive fluids, and helping the digestive system with the absorption of vitamins.

Certain factors like stress, illness, or an unhealthy lifestyle can clog the lymphatic system. A lymph drainage massage can counteract this blockage.

This massage also offers other benefits like reduced swelling and inflammation, stress relief, and a sped up recovery of your muscles.

The front of your body gets massaged. This is where most of the lymph nodes are situated.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special period in which you prepare together for the arrival of your child. The changes that pregnancy brings about in the body and the psyche require special attention.

When pregnant, weight increases and shifts to an uneven distribution which can cause discomfort.

This massage is beneficial and pleasurable for mother and child.


Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage is a massage in which you massage with heated coconut oil.

During this massage, waste products are removed from the muscles, making you feel fit again.

The entire back of the body will be massaged.

Acupressure and the removal of blockages in the energy channels restores the balance between body and mind, yin and yang.


Connective Tissue Massage

A connective tissue massage is a tough treatment, certainly not painless, yet an excellent way to improve the skin condition. De behandeling verhoogt de doorbloeding en activeert de stofwisseling.

The treatment increases blood flow and activates the metabolism. Due to the deep massage techniques that act on the connective tissue, the connective tissue cells deform, causing the skin to be renewed and therefore strengthened.

The connective tissue massage has the best effect after multiple sessions.


Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

A firm massage which relaxes and gives relief to tired or tense muscles.


Caesar Combi Massage

Combination of the classic massage and hot stone massage.

A varied massage with hand grips from the classic and hot stone massage.


Tanning bed

The sun always shines at Caesar with our vitamin D tanning beds. Whenever necessary, you can increase your amount of vitamin D without doing much for it.

In order to have the desired effect for your skin, we have two Luxura tanning beds. One for lighter skin and another one for more pigmented skin.

Ask our Lifestyle & Wellness staff for advice on what session is best suited for you. Our members can make an appointment at the reception.

Time Light Strong
9 min
€ 6,50
€ 8,00
12 min
€ 8,50
€ 10,50
15 min
€ 10,50
€ 13,00
18 min
€ 12,50
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21 min
€ 14,50
€ 18,00
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