Fitness & Sport

Experience the joy of exercise.

We are dedicated to your exercise enjoyment and offer you everything you need to reach your fitness goals. Connect with like-minded people at our wide selection of group classes or follow your own routine with the use of high-grade equipment. 


Train Independently

Follow your own workout routine at Fitness & Sport and benefit from our large space. Due to our abundance in fitness equipment and weights, you’ll always have whatever you need available.

Our dynamic fitness spaces cater to different needs, this way there’s always a new and exciting workout ahead of you.

Aerobic Studio

Every single day our Aerobic Studio gets filled with energetic members that make for a lively atmosphere. In our spacious studio we offer a wide range of group classes, along with the necessary materials.

Take a look in our inspiring Aerobic Studio with a view on the Mauritskade and join in on the lively classes.



At Caesar you can join a Spinning class in two different ways. You can follow live classes for a more interactive experience. Or you can travel far distances on exciting circuits with virtual classes.

Improve your endurance and go the extra mile with an energizing Spinning class.

Swimming pool

Our centuries old swimming pool forms the heart of our building, due to its rich history. The pool was built in 1883, which makes it the oldest swimming pool of The Hague and the first indoor swimming pool of The Netherlands.

Swim in a piece of history by doing laps or joining our Aqua Fitness group classes.


Fitness Equipment

At Fitness & Sport we have nothing but high-grade fitness equipment from brands such as Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, and Eleiko. Our sustainable and safe equipment helps you to reach your fitness goals effectively.

We provide you with everything you need to keep your body’s vitality up from head to toe.

Group classes

Fitness & Sport provides you with a wide range of group classes, so you can continuously try out a new challenge. Learn new techniques, try out different materials and share the fun of working out with other members.

BodyPump LM

BodyPump LM is a barbell class which strengthens your whole body in a short amount of time.

his program challenges all your important muscle groups by repeating the most effective weight- and strength exercises. All while you’re being motivated by energizing music.

This class is suitable for weight loss, enhancing your muscle endurance, and shaping your figure.

Combat Mix

Combat Mix is a powerful combination of combat, ground training, and MMA. We combine several martial arts techniques for a full-body challenge.

Gain more confidence while your fighting skills improve.

In this unique fitness fusion, you’ll experience a synergy of strength, cardio, and fun.


Mixfit is a full-body workout with a focus on strength and endurance. The first half of the class consists of exercises that strengthen the muscles with the use of dumbbells.

The second half caters to cardio training to increase speed, agility, and to burn the most amount of calories.

MixFit can be adjusted to your individual necessities, regardless of your fitness level.


Our Boxing class offers you the fun of sparring along with numerous bodily benefits. You’ll improve your strength, endurance, and coordination.

This training will also strengthen your bones and make you burn plenty of calories.

Join this energetic class to boost your mood.

Fitness Fusion

Energize yourself with the versatility of Fitness Fusion. Build your strength and endurance while you also extend your flexibility.

You’ll refine your techniques for various training styles at your own pace.

Fitness Fusion will transform your body while you have a blast with this dynamic workout.

Les Mills Dance

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of Les Mills Dance.

An explosive mix of dance styles that get your heart pumping and muscles working.

Feel the passionate energy and dance yourself fit. Take that first step and dance like nobody's watching.


Salsation is a functional workout, packaged in a fun dance class. Dance to the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and more.

Along the way you'll improve your coordination and flexibility, enhance your body’s range of motion and lift your dancing skills to the next level.


Zumba is a dance workout, based on Latin dances like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Flamenco, and Cumbia. International music like Hip Hop, Dance, and African Dance are also in the mix.

This workout feels like a party. The music and joyful choreography will make you forget that you’re working out.


Go the extra mile with an exciting Spinning class. Spinning is an intensive cycling workout with the aim to enhance your endurance.

You can manage the intensity by changing the position of your body, speed, and resistance.

This way you’ll also build up the engaging muscles.

Aqua Fitness

Feel the power of water with an Aqua Fitness class.

This is a challenging workout in the swimming pool with the aim to build up your overall fitness and strength.

We’ll focus on your technique and building up your endurance.

Personal Trainers

Caesar offers one on one personal training. Would you like to work on your stamina or strength? Or do you want to exercise under supervision due to an injury or rehabilitation? Together with one of our personal trainers we will work on achieving your goal by creating a personalized training schedule. Our trainers each have their own specialities: from losing weight or building muscle mass, to cardiovascular training. There is always a professional available to help you achieve your goal. Make an appointment quickly and meet our trainers!

Ian van der Werf

Tony de Zwart

Timothy de Vries

Dennisson Philips

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Ian van der Werf

Ian has worked as both a personal trainer and a teacher for the past 10 years. As a teacher, he trained other trainers to become independent personal trainers. Nowadays, he works at fixed locations as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. Ian is well-versed in all reputable training methods and can help anyone embark on their healthy lifestyle journey. Additionally, various athletes come to him for rehabilitation and/or sport-specific training.

Tel: +31 (0)6 81 91 14 33

Tony de Zwart

Since a young age, Tony has had a passion for sports and strength. He believes that training, nutrition, mindset, and recovery should become a habit, routine, and ultimately a lifestyle. Strength training is his number one priority, but there's also a lot of laughter during training sessions with Tony.

Tel: +31 (0)6 30 82 65 24

Timothy de Vries

Since 2013, Timothy has enjoyed helping clients develop personal, realistic fitness goals. His specialties are strength and cardiovascular training. From his own experience with weight loss, he understands the challenges of getting fit and changing your lifestyle. He believes that every client is unique and tailors each fitness session to the individual's abilities and goals. Timothy offers interactive sessions that combine physical activity with fun. Through one-on-one training sessions, where you receive guidance, corrections, and tips, you can more easily achieve your goals and stay motivated.

Tel: +31 (0)6 46 23 47 46

Dennisson Philips

Dennisson's mission is to offer effective training sessions to his clients to help them reach the next level. He does this by teaching the basic principles and techniques of training, keeping his clients' goals and desires in mind. He encourages you to train on your own as well, ensuring that you have the right knowledge and understand the purpose of each exercise.

Tel: +31 (0)6 37 19 37 77