Fitness & Sports

At Caesar you can enjoy unlimited fitness, participate in one of the many group lessons, make use of the swimming pool, or get to work with one of our specialized personal trainers. There are many possibilities for you to work on your health and fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, young or old, Caesar has everything for a great training.


In the gym you can use the Life Fitness and Hammer Strength apparatus, or choose for a personal training or small group training session.

There is always an instructor available onsite at Caesar Fitness, not only to explain how to use the equipment, but also for expert guidance and help in finding the correct position and posture during an exercise.

Personal training

Caesar offers one on one personal training. Would you like to work on your stamina or strength? Or do you want to exercise under supervision due to an injury or rehabilitation? Together with one of our personal trainers we will work on achieving your goal by creating a personalized training schedule.

Our trainers each have their own specialities: from losing weight or building muscle mass, to cardiovascular training. There is always a professional available to help you achieve your goal. Make an appointment quickly and meet our trainers!

Feel Good

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    Small group training

    During the day we organize different small group trainings, including Core and WoW (WorkOut of the Week).


    Our Core training focuses on the abs, pelvis, lower back and diaphragm. The training is suitable for anyone wanting to strengthen the abdomen and back. The instructor offers exercises at any desired level.


    Our WorkOut of the Week – WOW for short – is recomposed weekly by one of our trainers. A workout with a high level of fun and challenge. So do you fancy a little competition? Then this is the training for you!


    Group lessons

    We do everything we can to achieve a high ‘fun factor’ during our group lessons. What could be more fun than reaching your goals with a smile on your face, staying motivated, and going home with a wonderfully satisfying feeling.

    Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort has a wide variety of group lessons. Aside from an Aerobic Studio, where you can follow BodyPump, BodyCombat, BoxFit and Zumba lessons, we also have a beautiful Cycle Studio where you can participate in a diverse range of spinning lessons on the most advanced bikes. Finally we have an Aqua gym which allows you to attend lessons every day in our pool.

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