The word “yoga” derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means “connection.” It is about the connection between body and mind0 In the modern world, the balance between body and mind is often disturbed. Yoga offers us exercises that restore balance. It makes the body and mind alive and flexible. Yoga teaches you to listen to your own body. We offer a wide choice of different yoga forms.


In this class you train the mind and get more awareness. There is a wide range of techniques: focusing on the breath, relaxation, developing compassion, love, patience, forgiveness and charity. It takes an inner effort to self-regulate the mind. In this lesson, a number of rounds are done with different techniques to discover what suits everyone.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is he most classic and probably the most famous form of yoga. During the class, you adopt different yoga poses and breathing exercise to promote balance between the body and mind. Hatha yoga is suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced yoga practitioner. It is an ideal form of teaching to start to get acquainted with yoga.

Hatha yoga & meditation

Hatha yoga & meditation is an exclusive yoga class where the focus is on meditative yoga. You will learn to apply Concentration Meditation to calm the mind and Insight Meditation to develop and increase self-awareness. To complete the session, participants are welcome to attend the infusion ritual in the sauna.

Iyengar yoga

Iyengar yoga is aimed at adopting different yoga poses combined with proper breathing. The poses are generally held for a longer period of time. This offers the opportunity to improve the posture in more detail. Iyengar uses attributes to help participants perfect their posture and progress safely in order to better perform the different postures. Iyengar yoga is suitable for people who want to start yoga, work on their back or neck complaints or want to perfect their posture.

Power yoga

Power yoga is derived from Astangayoga. A dynamic form of yoga with a fixed series of postures. A specific breathing technique is used. This class is physically challenging, making it suitable for people who enjoy sports.

We start with sun salutation A, B, standing and sitting postures and finishing poses. Precisely because of the repetition, this form of yoga becomes more meditation in motion over time. The body becomes supple and powerful while the mind is stilled.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga can be considered the most athletic yoga style. In Vinyasa classes, every movement is coordinated with your breathing while you move from one position to another. The lesson is aimed at building fitness, strength, flexibility, inner peace and the correct application of breathing. Ideal for those who want to practice yoga in a more dynamic way.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a slow yoga style where you perform postures on the floor and hold them for a longer period of time. Postures last from 45 seconds to two minutes. Yin yoga is suitable for people who want to practice yoga in a gentle way. It is also a great lesson for beginners. The lessons are very relaxed. Actually, you let gravity do most of the work.

Yin yang yoga

Yin yang yoga combines two yoga styles in one lesson. The advantages of passively holding yoga postures (Yin) with more dynamic series and standing postures (Yang) are combined. Yin yang yoga is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners.